Game With Us At Gaylaxicon

Gaylaxicon provides a great place to game with LGBTQ+ people and their friends!  As at Gaylaxicon 2016, and ConFABulous in 2017 and 2018, Burl Zorn is back coordinating the game room and curating the huge assortment of games for people to play. Burl is well-known as one of the friendliest guys in the Twin Cities gaming community, and has helped thousands of gamers find the right games where he works, at Source Comics and Games.

Our game room will be open the entire weekend, with hundreds of different board games, card games, and video games available! You can game all day and far into the night.

Most games are organized on the spot, by convention members, but we’ll also have great structured opportunities for play at Gaylaxicon.  Last year at ConFABulous, we had a Magic: the Gathering tournament, as well as scheduled roleplaying events for every day of the con, including:

  • Chill 3rd Edition
  • Dungeons & Dragons, 5e
  • Star Trek Adventures
  • Adventure in the game world of Tékumel, the first LGBTQ-friendly RPG setting
  • Gamma World

This year, we’ll continue featuring roleplaying games that are easy to learn and scenarios that will be engaging and fun for LGBTQ+ fans, including more Star Trek Adventures, the new John Carter of Mars RPG, more Tékumel action, and perhaps the queerest possible session of the Prince Valiant RPG ever!